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Arm Blaster

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In Short:

If you want to grow impressive looking biceps especially the lower part of the arm right to the top, the Arm Blaster by Pro Fitness Supplies is an affordable product that you can use in the gym or at home to give you the results that you desire.
With the correct food and exercises, you will develop impressive looking bicep muscles as well as balancing the arms with equal tricep attention, you can create impressive arms in a short period of time. Check out our video for the correct action while using this product.

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The Origin of the Arm Blaster:

Back in the 70's, the golden age of bodybuilding, the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger popularized a piece of equipment that helped him build the massive arms that had the world in awe.
The Arm Blaster, as it was dubbed, is a horizontal structure that the athlete hangs over his shoulders and around the neck, used to stabilize the torso, completely isolating the biceps and enabling you to execute arm curls with perfect form.
One of the main problems for anyone who has ever attempted to train his or her biceps is the lack of isolation of that muscle. During the biceps curl motion, athletes typically tend to use their shoulders to assist them with the effort. Another very common error when performing this exercise is using the momentum given by swinging the back, to help to bring the weight up.

Although seemingly harmless, these subtle errors constitute a decisive form of cheating that takes away the tension from your biceps and shifts it towards other muscle groups you are not targeting. Thus, you end up not challenging the biceps as you should, causing the muscle never to grow to its full potential.
The Arm Blaster by Pro Fitness Supplies makes sure the athlete is performing arm curls with proper form, decreasing the risk of injury and maximizing the growth of that muscle group. The Arm Blaster keeps your torso stable, and prevents the arms from swinging or the shoulders from contributing to bring the weight up.
The Arm Blaster by Pro Fitness Supplies is the mandatory piece of equipment for anyone who wants to maximize the development of his biceps.

The Facts............

Isolates the biceps
Stabilizes the torse
Maximum biceps development
Decreases the risk of injury
Highly resistant materials
Easy to carry

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