INSPIRE by HAMMER Power Station BL1 Bodylift INSPIRE by HAMMER Power Station BL1 Bodylift is ideal for a defined upper body, muscular arms and a broad V-cross well-trained and defined leg muscles health-oriented to performance-oriented strength training a healthy back training up to the weight training oriented structure of the back muscles Schnellkraftraining The revolution in home fitness - strength training with your own body weight! Multifunctional power station, completely silent, "lift effect", excellent movement - these are the attributes of the innovative INSPIRE by HAMMER BL1 Bodylift. Unique technique: In contrast to classic power stations, the resistance is not created by weight blocks but by your own body weight. This advanced technology makes a very special training feeling possible. Even negative exercises allow for an extremely even training experience. Whisper-quiet, friction-free and effective. Resistance technology for high intensity training The weight is adjusted individually via an adjustment slide and your own body weight is used as a training resistance. Here are 15 resistance levels available, each level increases about 10% of the respective body weight. The power station BL1 Bodylift is therefore perfectly suited for beginners as well as for professionals, in order to reach the individual goals fast. Full body training through a variety of exercise options The following exercises can be performed effectively on the BL1 Bodylift: Bench press (chest muscles) Pectoralis Butterfly (chest muscles) Rowing (back muscles) Lat Pull (back muscles) Shoulder press (shoulder muscles) Leg extensors (leg muscles) Hamstrings (leg muscles) Biceps curls (arm muscles) Triceps Press / Tricep Extensions (Arm Musculature) 100% silent - a giant in terms of quietness! Another highlight is the completely silent execution of the exercises on the BL1 Bodylift. Bouncing weight plates are a thing of the past! Perfect for any rental home and a workout in the late evening hours! Spectacular! Unique "lift feeling" in the execution Probably the most striking feature of the power station BL1 Bodylift is the unique possibility of being lifted slightly upwards with the execution of a pushing or pulling exercise. The result is a short "lift effect", which is unparalleled on a power station. You push or pull yourself up! An effect that can once again elicit the last power reserves when the personal repeat record is about to fall and one more repetition is missing until the new best performance. Conclusion The INSPIRE by HAMMER Power Station BL1 Bodylift is characterized by a high-quality workmanship and a particularly fluid and noiseless movement. The "lift effect" ensures an effective workout combined with a free and smooth training feeling.