Primal HITT Incline Trainer

The LCD Blue Backlight monitor displays:- Max Speed, WATTS Output, Intervals, Active and Recovery Time, Calories and Heart Rate using a Polar Compatible Chest Strap.

The easy to use magnetic resistance allows users to drive up metabolic intensity and make for a more space efficient solution to alternative training methods.

Unlike a standard treadmill, this machine is a self-powered speed and strength training tool designed to build expolsive power when used in High-Intensity Interval Training program capturing speed, agility training and fixed resistance sled training.

The Magnetic resistance break allows users to run freely or crank up the resistance to the max for the toughest HIIT session possible.

This machine weighs 177kg itself and allows users of 135kg approx as a mamium load. The idea is great and the results are fantastic however it has to be mentioned that the machine is really only for users who are already fit and are training for competitions or events coming up in the near future so just to explain, for weight loss, a more regular motorized treadmill would be more advisable as the level of intensity would be more available.