Primal Strength Hip Thruster Bench & Floor GHD The Primal Strength Hip Thruster Bench is perfect for glute exercises, power work, and hip extensions. The Bench combines both an oversized hip thruster pad and adjustable height, floor glute ham developer. The compact design is perfect for any gym or PT studio and is easily transported on wheels. Hip thrusts are widely used to improve and build glute strength and GHD’s are widely regarded as a must use the machine in most strength and conditioning programmes for hamstring, glute, and posterior chain training. The compact Primal Strength Hip Thruster Bench and Floor GHD cover a wide range of exercises: • Hip Extensions • Hip Thrusts • Glute Ham Raises • Back Raises The Primal Strength Hip Thruster Bench has been engineered in 2mm steel and powered coated in a Matte Nero finish. It has oversized rip-resistant padding, adjustable height supports with quick-release pop pins. The foot supports have metal end-caps to protect the upholstery. The bench comes with a lifetime frame warranty and 6-months pad warranty.