Here are some Major Helpful Pointers to solve this problem...


1) Regular exercise needs to be more than just running alone or squatting alone.

 2) Exercise is just simply not the answer on its own to getting in shape.

3) Ready meals with no variety are just gap fillers.

4) We can supply you with Qualified Personel Trainers who you only need to meet once or twice to get you on the right track regarding how many meals you need to eat per day and what they should contain.

5) The Exercise. What really confuses people is not knowing that you have to move the body and get it working regularly. We suggest 3-4 sessions per week varying with a combination of weight training or body weight training and some repetitive cardio work.

6) Strength Training with moderate weight with little rest between sets yield the best results when you really are ready to give the body it needs to get looking real again.