ENDLESS ROPE TRAINING ON A NEW LEVEL There are rope climbing machines that allow the trainee to simulate rope climbing. However, these machines are big and heavy. The revvll was created to allow rope climbing everywhere and for every trainee. A positive side effect of the light weight is the fact that the revvll offers significantly more exercises. With classic rope climbing you pull the rope towards your body, with the revvll rope resistance training, however, you can move the rope in various ways against a certain resistance: pulling, pushing, and rotating movements in different angles are possible. You don’t sit on a rope climbing machine or are clinging to a rope – you can choose your own position freely. Thus, revvll rope trainers give you an overall upper body training with adjustable resistance. All you need to do is change your own position towards the training tool or the mounting height of the Revvll. Workout programming with different resistances The adjustable resistance is a central element of the revvll in order to allow rope climbing for every trainee, whether they are rehab patients or professional athletes. At the same time, the adjustable resistance is an important part of training programming. If you prefer strength training you choose a higher resistance, if endurance is your main goal the lighter resistances will be your choice. More safety The revvll rope trainer not only solves the space problem of classic rope climbing. The training is also significantly safer and the non-allergenic endless rope is easier to clean than hemp or nylon ropes. TRAINING WITH REVVLL Learn some rope training exercises with this video. Skip through for more exercises.