Primal Strength Compact Dual Adjustable Pulley / Functional Trainer

The Primal Strength Alpha Compact Functional Trainer has been engineered to be an ultra-smooth dual pulley machine offering a wide variety of exercises.

The functional trainer has two 90kg weight stacks in 5kg increments.

The compact, space-saving design is perfect for any home or private training facility.

The Compact Functional Trainer offers a wide variety of cable exercises and comes with cable handles, a straight bar for squats and a golf handle attachments.

All Primal Strength accessories fit the enclosed carabiner clips.

Each pulley arm has 15 positions with 1000kg rated cables, connected to 90kg weight stacks.

The multi-grip chin-up handles have a premium rubber coating for a smooth grip.

The functional trainer doesn’t have plastic pop pins or any inferior parts often found on cheaper functional trainers and is finished with powder-coated plates, metal pop pins and bush-bearing pulley wheels.

The frame is made 2mm steel, powder-coated in Matte Nero.

The Compact Functional Trainer is backed with a one-year light-commercial warranty.

The Alpha Compact Functional Trainer has been designed to work seamlessly with both the Alpha Primary Fitness FID Utility Bench and the Stealth FID Commercial Bench.