For the millions of people who have a mostly sedentary life of sitting on a seat in an office, there are better ways to correct back pain than take pain killers, waiting on spinal fusion surgery and taking some times money wasting visits to physiotherapists etc...?

Exercise is the real answer that so many of us should take but rarely do due to a simple thing called laziness or a lack of understanding of how humans should treat their body.
If we were educated in a different way in primary school about what the human body must and should do or be exercised regularly either daily or 4 times per weak we would not only enjoy exercise much better but save so much money in the long term too. In our opinion if your not a fan of resistance training and your running days are over, try solve the problem with a rowing machine either in the local gym or club or better still buy one for home use. A word of caution however when buying a rowing machine, buy cheap and you will if at all benefit from the purchase due to the soft build and short stride etc.

A Concept 2 or A Water Rower would be our suggestion when making a purchase. Firstly neither are too expensive if you save up over time and plan to invest in a machine that will in fact last a generation (25 -30 years plus) if you choose to buy a cheap machine you will probably run into issues from the first day of use, the reason being is that the machine feels too short, its got a bad motion on it and further more the console does not motivate you at all. Our advice is to buy for the long term and a rowing machine will if not only keep your back issues at bay but more than likely give you great relief if you initially get the pain sorted before carrying out exercise in the first place. We will have more info on this subject in future.