York STS Half Rack Package

York STS Half Rack Package (1 x Half Rack, 1 x 8' x 6' Lifting Platform, 1 x Insert, 1 x Safety Spot Bars Pair)


The Half Rack accommodates for every option available, making it a coaches favorite in the weight room.

Space saving footprint is a contradiction to its multi-functionality.

Enables athletes to perform all of the strength exercises required by a coach/trainer safely and efficiently.

Stainless steel hook-plates - one pair, utilize a safety slot design to prevent unintentional disengagement of the bar holder.

Adjustable upright settings to 19 positions on 7.6cm (3”) center increments accommodating a wide range of heights.

Finished in highly durable powder coat paint. 1 x Combo Grip Pull-up Bar, 28 mm knurled and solid cold rolled steel bar with 135-degree v-shape in the center for additional grip options.

Set at a height of 243.8cm (8ft) 2 x Single Bar holders, which are fully welded with replaceable plastic wear guards.

Two welded vertical bar holders to the rear of the rack and 12 x weight storage pegs.

1x Bench Stringer for use with the multi-function bench (see benches).

Item weight 175kg. Platform: Modular platform will require the dimensions of the relevant rack to be included in your measurements. “8 x 6” (240cm x 180cm) platform.

Purchase Insert, Bench, and Rack separately. Item weight 180kg.