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Kustom Kit Kombo Rack

Quick Overview

Kustom Kit Kombo Rack

The Kustom Kit Kombo Rack is ideal for Powerlifting, Strongman/Woman, Bodybuilding and Commercial Gyms. This Kombo Rack is a 2 in 1 type system. You can use this for Squat and Bench Press.

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Kustom Kit Kombo Rack

Colours available...Bright Green Bright Yellow Gloss Red Golden Yellow Hammerite Jet Black Ocean Blue Off White Orange Pure White Silver Steel, Call us on 053 9175929 for more info.

Squat and Bench Powerlifting Rack

Allow me to introduce to you the Kustom Kit Kombo Powerlifting Rack also referred to as a Combination Squat/Bench Rack or Powerlifting Combination Rack. This heavy duty bench press and squat stand combination although designed for Powerlifters, Strongman and Olympic lifting, is perfectly suited to a range of gym environments from Rugby Club’s to Commercial Gyms due to its compact design leaving you more room for other essential gym equipment.

Our Kustom Kit Kombo Rack, not to be confused with the ER Rack and Squat Combination Rack or Texas Strength Powerlifting Rack is fabricated in the UK using the best British materials. We don’t import our racks or sacrifice on materials and every aspect of our combination rack has received the close inspection of Kustom Kit engineers.

Our Squat and Bench press Combination rack is extremely versatile. With a quick release removable flat bench you can quickly convert into a strong set of squat stands. Once the rack has been transformed into the squat stands the user has the ability to quickly adjust the upright barbell supports to accommodate a narrow or a wide grip when squatting, vital if you use a narrow or a wide squat stance.

Unique Features of our Powerlifting Rack

An impressive feature of our Kombo rack is the dual weight adjustment levers at the rear of the rack. Once the barbell is fully loaded the lifter is able to adjust the height of the bar when bench pressing or squatting without having to unload the barbell weight. Simply use the lever to lever the weight up to the desired level then slide the pin in to lock the stand into place. Locating and adjusting pins is effortless due to our engraved numbers and easy glide system built within the squat stand legs which results in a faster transition during your workouts.

Our Kombo Squat and Bench Press features a tough steel roller to allow smooth barbell positioning even when loaded with weight and pin holders to save you having to replace lost gym parts. Due to these improved features it makes using our combination bench and squat rack easy but also safe. Remember however that no matter how much you prepare accidents do happen which is why we took the decision to include two extra strong safety bars to catch the bar and save you any injuries.

Rack Specifications

Measuring 1060mm deep and 2050mm wide and built to most Powerlifting competition specifications this rack is perfect for those limited on space. The bench pad measures 122cm long by 30cm wide by 45cm high resulting in perfect foot placement and hand out of the bar during exercises such as bench press or close grip barbell press. The squat stands range in height from 1030mm to 1700mm with hole spacing every 40mm to give you the perfect start to your lift

Our Kustom Kit Kombo Rack is the pinnacle of strength and conditioning and should be purchased by any gym who is serious about strength sports. Best of all we have competitive rates of shipping to Europe, USA and the far East. Contact us today to find out more 053 9175929

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