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  • Primal Strength Alpha Commercial Fitness Elite ISO Full Back Row Primal Strength Alpha Commercial Fitness Elite ISO Full Back Row

Primal Strength Alpha Commercial Fitness Elite ISO Seated Calf Machine


Endura Fitness PRO LOAD Seated Calf

Primal Strength Alpha Commercial Fitness Elite ISO Full Back Row

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9 Gauge/4mm Commercial Steel, ISO Lever, Plate-Loading Machine
Unique, Quick-Release Seat Adjustment
Extended, Olympic Weight-Pin Holders for Maximum Load
Ergonomically Designed to Move in The Body’s Natural Motion
Premium Rubber and Aluminium-Capped Handles

This back machine allows for mid and outer back growth in strength and size. A Very Impressive effect for all users.

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The Primal Strength Plate-Loading ISO Lever Machines have been engineered to work in the natural motion of the body in order to optimize the isolation of the intended muscle groups. The Machines converge and diverge in a natural, arcing motion, guaranteeing users the maximum muscle contraction whilst providing the safety of a machine to maximize both the benefit and security for users when training.

ISO Lever Plate-Loaded Machines have many benefits, including:

• Independent movement of each machine arm

• Converging or diverging range of motion

• Safely isolating muscle groups

• Maximize weight used whilst applying a natural lifting motion

The Alpha Commercial Fitness Elite ISO Full Back Row offers a natural and very ‘true’ row motion. This ergonomic design allows users to achieve a full range of motion whilst isolating and developing the targeted back muscle groups more effectively than any machine on the market. The Primal Strength ISO Full Back Row has been engineered with horizontal and angled grip handles, allowing using to adjust their grip, whereby each grip targets the back muscles in a slightly different motion.

As the popularity of ISO Lever Machines grows, more and more elite athletes are employing these machines as the training machines of choice. Simply add the weights required, adjust the seat height and you can utilize the machine for a range of back exercises. As all Primal Strength ISO Machines have single levers, you can train using one arm or both to isolate the back muscles, when using a single arm motion there is an additional support handle.

The Alpha Commercial Fitness Elite ISO Full Back Row is an extremely heavy duty and is backed by a lifetime frame warranty. The ISO Full Back Row is one of eight Core Primal Strength ISO Machines and the range is perfect in any sports facility or commercial gym. It comes in Matte Nero with premium rip-resistant pads. The quick-release seat allows users to set the machine up quickly to the users desired height.
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