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Hammer Ocean One Rowing Machine

Quick Overview

Hammer Ocean One Rowing Machine

Train with the power of water
Ingenious accessories already included: individually adjustable and removable smartphone / tablet holder
Space-saving and practical set-up function
Battery operated, independent of sockets and extension cables

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Hammer Ocean One Rowing Machine

Rowing training with realistic water resistance
Get your body in shape with hydropower!
Bad weather outside and no training possible ?! From now on, you simply train at home with a realistic water resistance and get yourself into a healthy movement. The sound of the water automatically puts you in the right training mood. Your rowing experience is supported by multimedia, and your tablet or smartphone sits perfectly in the movable and individually adjustable holder, which is already included with the Ocean One. The ergo seat of your Ocean One with its eight ball-bearing castors glides quietly and evenly over the aluminum rails. You sit sporty, at the same time gentle on the back and comfortable. Even long training sequences are no problem thanks to the ergonomically shaped upholstery of the seat. Feel the power of the water on every row and get closer and closer to your fitness goals!

Healthy whole body training
With smooth rudder movements
When rowing, legs and upper body are trained at the same time, which promotes the effective improvement of your fitness and endurance. Experience varied training sessions at home with the HAMMER Ocean One and be ready for an effective workout in which you train strength and endurance at the same time. The comfortable seat rolls smoothly and evenly over the aluminum slide rails as you get closer to your set fitness goal step by step. Rowing is also perfect for quickly relieving stress after work! Your mood is positively influenced by the sound of the water. The rowing train sets the water in motion and has a calming and relaxing effect at the same time, that lets you quickly forget everyday stress. You will now feel a pleasant steadiness and calm in your home due to the water noises, as you would normally only feel when rowing on a lake!

Training computer with LCD display
Perfect display of all data
With the training computer of the HAMMER Ocean One rowing machine, you can read a variety of training data on a clear LCD display. The computer shows you: training time, 500 m time, number of oar strokes / minute, training distance, total number of oar strokes, kilocalorie consumption, heart rate and the average value of time, calories and heart rate. You increase your training motivation via the RACE function and choose between different 500 m times that specify the speed. For a perfect setting, the computer can be adjusted in height and swiveled forwards and backwards. All important training information that will help you

Simple computer operation - clear at a glance!
The computer display of the Ocean One shows all important training data at a glance. The computer menu is self-explanatory and easy to use for all age groups using the 6 push buttons on the computer. You can start rowing immediately!

Create the perfect rowing atmosphere at home with your tablet!
Variety with fitness apps
Do you want variety and motivation during your training? No problem! Rowing exciting routes in the "live experience" while enjoying your favorite music or watching an exciting film. With the camera function, you can experience spectacular rivers and lakes from all over the world with interactive information on speed and location with the BitGym and Kinomap app and hear the real sound of the surroundings of your rowing tour.

Removable and 360 ° movable tablet and smartphone holder
Ingenious and practical
The tablet and smartphone holder can be adjusted horizontally and vertically. You can also easily remove it from the rowing machine at any time if you want to concentrate entirely on your training. The holder can be adjusted horizontally and vertically and rotated through 360 °. For example, you can use it to flexibly turn your smartphone in all directions to find a suitable angle for you. The soft rubber protection of the tablet holder prevents scratches and protects your smartphone / tablet while you are doing your rowing.

Keep an eye on your pulse!
Healthy cardiovascular training
To achieve a specific fitness goal, you should keep an eye on your pulse. Whether fitness training, cardiovascular training or weight reduction, the pulse rate is crucial! A pulse measurement via the optional chest strap enables you to keep an eye on your personal pulse rate and to quickly achieve your personal fitness goal. By selecting the "Target Pulse" fitness program, a training pulse of 90-200 beats / min can be specified. If your current training pulse is above the entered limit, a signal tone sounds. A safe feeling during rowing training and full concentration on your fitness goals!

Resistance setting can be adjusted via the water level in the tank
Suitable for beginners and advanced alike
You regulate your rudder resistance via the water level in your Ocean One water tank. If you want to increase the resistance, simply add new water through the opening on the water tank. If the resistance is to be reduced, water is drained from the tank. A graphic display on the water tank helps you regulate the water and lets you adjust the water resistance perfectly to your needs.

item number 4531
brand HAMMER
colour black
Weight 36 kg
Watt controlled No
Drive system Water resistance
Resistance setting Manually
Number of fitness programs 20th
Race program 15
Type of display LCD display
Number of users 1
Integrated pulse receiver for chest straps Yes
Heart rate controlled training programs 1
Upper / lower pulse limit adjustable Upper pulse limit adjustable
multimedia Tablet holder
Max. Permissible body weight 140 kg
Foldable Yes
Folding dimensions (L x W x H) 110 x 54 x 200
Installation dimensions (L x W x H) 200 x 54 x 117 cm
Step distance 21 cm
Integrated transport rollers Yes
Power supply Battery (AA +)
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