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HAMMER Exercise Bike Cardio XTR

HAMMER Exercise Bike Cardio T1

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HAMMER Exercise Bike Cardio T1

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Computer-controlled resistance settings.
16 training programs.
Horizontal and vertical saddle positioning, and adjustable handlebar angle.
Ca. 6 kg Flywheel mass, transport rollers and adjustable feet.
A max user weight of 100kg
Product Weight 25kg Approx.

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HAMMER Exercise Bike Cardio T1

HAMMER Exercise Bike Cardio T1
The Cardio T1 Exercise Bike with automatic fitness programmes is the ideal entry-level exercise bike from HAMMER. Lovely design and compact size make the CARDIO T1 the ideal sport machine for your daily fitness training. The display is user-friendly and shows all of the relevant training data. The intensity range includes 16 different intensity levels, which can be set via the computer. Included in the 12 programmes are 3 pulse-controlled training options for even more variety with your cardio training. Your pulse can be measured comfortably via the hand sensors. The CARDIO T1 Exercise Bike includes integrated transport rollers and quality ball bearings for smooth operation.

Effective and joint-friendly workouts with the Cardio T1 Exercise Bike
The classic exercise bike has been one of the most popular and widely-used pieces of fitness equipment for decades. Due to its compact and easy to use characteristics, it is ideally suited for cardio workouts in particular in the comfort of your own home.

Besides the visual effects on your looks and figure (home training burns an average of 400 calories per hour, which is vital to weight and fat loss), a workout on an exercise bike is also valuable for your health and fitness, allowing you to train your endurance and improve your condition perfectly. The majority of your own body weight is borne by the saddle. This reduces strain on the joints and cartilage, which means that longer exercise units are no problem. The entire leg musculature is activated during the movement and effectively strengthened by the training.

The HAMMER Cardio T1 Exercise Bike - varied cardio training
Proven technology
A stable belt drive provides the power for the HAMMER Cardio T1. This is supported by quality ball bearings and a 6-kg flywheel, creating a fluid motion. The resistance is regulated by a permanent magnetic brake system, which allows optimal control and seamless resistance control.

Hammer Exercise Bike Cardio T1
The resistance regulation is computer-controlled and depends on the RPM. It can be set in up to 8 levels on the Cardio T1 exercise bike. The clear LCD display shows the following data:

Distance in metres and kilometres
Calories burned
Step frequency
Intensity and resistance
Individual fitness marks
Numerous automatic fitness programmes
You'll never get bored even with regular training on the Cardio T1. You can go through numerous fitness programmes that resemble real-life bicycle rides.

A total of 12 different exercise profiles with peak and valley variations are available to you with your Cardio T1 Exercise Bike from HAMMER. If your doctor of physical therapist has given you a specific maximum pulse rate, then you can easily set it with the 4 pulse-controlled programmes. If you exceed the maximum pulse rate during training, your Cardio T1 Exercise Bike will sound and automatically lower the resistance. This way, you stay within the right pulse range! The pulse is measured via the hand pulse sensors, which are integrated into the handlebars.

Space-saving, sporty design
Hammer Exercise Bike Cardio T1
The Cardio T1 Exercise Bike has a premium outer material and features a sporty, black and white design. The saddle position can be adjusted vertically and horizontally for ergonomic fits to various body sizes. Adjustable legs provide optimal stability even on uneven floors.

The Cardio T1 Exercise Bike also ensures easy transport. The transport rollers and light weight of only 23 kg means that you can easily move the exercise bike in and out of a room.

HAMMER Cardio T1 Training Tips:
Begin your fitness training by setting the resistance on your Cardio T1 Exercise Bike at a low level (the intensity should not yet pose a challenge for you). Warm up at this level for 5 ヨ 10 minutes in order to prepare your body for the endurance training. Increase the resistance by another level each five minutes. Maintain the same level through the end of your workout and finish with a short cool-down equal to the intensity and length of your warm-up. Ideally, you should begin with 2-3 training units per week. After 3-4 weeks you can start your training programme at higher levels.

Facts & overview
Hammer Exercise Bike Cardio T1
You can train effectively at home and no longer be at the mercy of the weather with the HAMMER Cardio T1. The Exercise bike workout brings your body into top form and provides round, joint-friendly motions that make a significant contribution to your health. You'll see the following benefits from regular training:

Makes your cardiovascular system more efficient
Reduction in body weight and fat
Lower resting heart rate
Healthy blood pressure regulation
Strengthens and tones your leg muscles
12 peak and valley profiles as well as 4 pulse-controlled programmes ensure variety and motivation for training on the Cardio T1. You can follow your training progress directly by measuring your recovery pulse and tracking your individual fitness mark. Pulse measurement takes place via the hand sensors, which are conveniently located on the handlebars.

Quality ball bearings, the permanent magnetic brake system, and a 6-kg flywheel ensure round, even motion. Training-related information is provided on the easy to use LCD display. Resistance regulation is managed by the training computer and offers a wide spectrum of training intensities with 8 different levels.

The saddle on the Cardio T1 can be adjusted horizontally and vertically into various positions for the best possible fit to the user's body size. Transport rollers and a weight of just 23 kg make moving and storing it easy. The dimensions measure (L x H x W): 90 x 47 x 135 cm.

Product details for the Cardio T2 Exercise Bike
Exercise bike with quality magnetic brake system for fitness and endurance training
Computer controlled resistance settings in 8 levels
Premium training computer with 7 permanent displays
Displays distance, time, speed, intensity, step frequency, pulse, and calories burned
12 pre-defined fitness/resistance programmes
4 pulse programmes
Adjustable max. pulse
Hand pulse measurement
Calculates fitness marks from 1 ヨ 6
Ultra-quiet belt drive system
Quality ball bearings and quality magnetic brake system for especially smooth and perfect operation.
Ca. 6 kg Flywheel mass
Force ratio 1:8
Resistance control: RPM-dependent
Power supply: 230V, 50Hz
Max. allowable body weight: 100 kg
Colour: white/black

Additional Information
Colour white/black
Weight 23 kg
Build up size (L x W x H) 92 x 55 x 116 cm
Features / Additional Equipment 12 pre-programmed training/fitness programs
Whisper-quiet belt drive system, premium ball bearings and quality magnetic brake system for especially smooth and perfect operation
3 heart rate programs (pulse-driven)
Transport rollers and height-adjustable feet
Drive system Belt driven
Braking system Permanent magnet
Resistance adjustment Computer controlled
Load spectrum 8 Steps
Load control RPM dependent
Fitness programmes 12
Flywheel mass 6 kg
Gear transmission ratio 1:8
Freewheel Yes
Computer LCD-Display
Computer display Distance / Time / Speed / Calorie consumption / RPM / Pulse
Permanent display 1+5
User 1
Training programs 17
Pulse Handpulse
Integrated pulse receiver for chest belts No
Lower / Upper pulse limit Upper pulse limit adjustable
Pulse percentage for upper limit Yes
Heart rate controlled programmes 4
Saddle / seat Gel Saddle
Integrated transportation rollers Yes
Power supply 230V, 50Hz
Max. body weight 100 kg

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