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Bodymax Zenith Conditioning Sled


IGC U219-R Farmers Walk Handles

IGC U221-R Prowler

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Our View:

Another great quality product for functional training, pushing prowlers develop alot more than power and growth in gluts, quads, hams, calves and core etc..

We rate this product 9/10 from our experience.

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Sled training is one of the best ways to develop strength in your legs, hips, and arms as well as general conditioning and can be used in all gyms and by athletes, the military & for cross training. Sleds can be used on any surface indoor or outdoor on carpet, tracks, grass, concrete, pavement, or artificial turf. For Prowlers we also offer optional UHMW plastic skids for pulling/pushing on rubber flooring.

Our equipment is suitable for all types of sled dragging, pushing or towing, building lower and upper body strength and endurance. The perfect tool for use in competitive team training scenarios.


Dual low and lower height push bars can be used from the front or back of sled
Harness & rope connection points
When pushing from behind, the user is required to sink his or her hips extremely low to move the sled, or else the front ski will just sink into the ground
48mm nickel plated removable drive poles with high rubber grips
Dual angled ski’s allow sled to move in either direction, extra wide to increase surface area and reduce risk of damaging pitches or indoor surfaces
Centrally located Olympic disc holder for even weight distribution
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