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Bodymax CF488 Bi-Angular Trainer Gym with Leg Press


York FTS Lat Pull-Low Row


Quick Overview

Suspension Training with the FITKIT Pro® links together components such as Balance, Flexibility and Whole Body Stability in a time, space and cost efficient way.

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* Instructional DVD, Setup Manual &
* Exercise Booklet
* Travel Bag & Backpack Included
* Resistance Level Marker Included
* Industrial strength, tough and durable webbing for long life
* Stainless steel carabineers
* Two Door Anchors included
* Two Anchor Straps included
* Two Adjustable Straps included
* Two handles with foam grips
* Two Separate Foot Harnesses
* Brightly coloured for easy visability
* 1.5kg in weight

* MULTI-GYM in a bag!Suspension Training with the FITKIT Pro® links together components such as Balance, Flexibility and Whole Body Stability in a time, space and cost efficient way.

Most coaches agree there are limitations to weight lifting due to a lack of functional and sport specificity exercises. Although weight lifting produces power in the vertical plane and is multi joint it involves little or no multi-directional movement such as ROTATIONAL, DIAGONAL and MULTI- PLANAR (sagittal, frontal, transverse/rotational) movement.

The FITKIT Pro® achieves all these movements and more importantly enables the introduction of Fundamental movement for all ages and abilities from general fitness for everyday life to extreme/sport specific activities such as a high jumper (which is single leg explosive jump, with rotational and diagonal movements) and getting in or out of a car (which is a single leg squat with rotation).

* Fitness for everyone - The FITKIT Pro® can benefit everyone regardless of age or level of fitness.
* Your gym goes with you - A real alternative for those who cannot afford or find the time to go the gym. It can be used at home anchored to a door or in the garage or in the garden attached to a suitable fixing
* Best in class - There are other suspended training devices on the market but none are as well made or offer such adaptability: because of the 2 strap design attachments can be added to give endless exercise options. As such, the Fitkit Pro is the best value for money product offering the biggest range of exercise options. The 2 strap design means that the Fitkit Pro is safer,more comfortable and more durable than if it relied on just 1 anchor strap.
* New and exciting alternative to boring routines - The FITKIT Pro® offers 400 exercises for the whole body-upper, lower and core.Boredom will never be a factor.
* The leaner advantage of the defined look - Not everyone wants big, bulky muscles - the FITKIT Pro® is perfect for the fitness "all-rounder" who wants that defined chiselled physique and wants to be able to run, swim and cycle and play a competitive sport with more strength, core stability and flexibility and less body fat. As opposed to pumping weights aimlessly.

How Does it work?

* Two Strap system ensures correct biomechanics in ALL exercises.
* Two Strap system ensures maximum safety in ALL exercises.
* Train at home, in the office, on the training ground, on the road – where and when you want to workout!
* Replace stand-alone gym equipment.
* Move quickly between different exercises.
* Create varied and multiple exercise uses.
* Fully compliant with Suspended Body Weight Training System.
* Small in size and low in weight for easy storage and transportation.
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