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  • INSPIRE by HAMMER Rowing machine Cross Rower CR2.1X INSPIRE by HAMMER Rowing machine Cross Rower CR2.1X

INSPIRE by HAMMER Rowing machine Cross Rower CR2.1X

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INSPIRE by HAMMER Rowing machine Cross Rower CR2.1X

The CR2 Rower is one of the first rowing action machines that gives almost a full body workout as it delivers a pull and push motion in the same stroke.
The console has all the features that you will find on regular rowing machines. The main benefit that the CR2 machine has is that it has no rest phase in the stroke. Back, chest, legs, abs, arms and forearms are all included as a full body workout.
This machine is very popular in the USA and its only time before its a regular feature in all gyms.

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INSPIRE by HAMMER Rowing machine Cross Rower CR2.1X

INSPIRE by HAMMER Rowing machine Cross Rower CR2.1X
Holistic- Intensive- Varied
The first rowing machine with both tension and compression, ie resistance in both directions. All the advantages of classic rowing combined with the best elements of equipment training - and all without power connection.

Finally, you can train both stamina and strength at the same time in just one rowing motion. The musculature is strained more evenly and intensively by pulling and pushing movements and thereby developed much better and more targeted.

The dynamics of INSPIRE by HAMMER's CR2.1X are unique and require intense full body use. Every muscle is required at the same time. The faster the movement is carried out, the more intense is the use of muscle. The Cross Rower CR2.1X not only allows soft entry movements that are possible at any time, but also high-intensity training, making it the most efficient method of muscle building and health-promoting cardiovascular training.

Row training can lead to the following results
90% of the entire musculature is stressed and strengthened
Strengthening and building the muscles, especially the back muscles
Improving endurance performance
Strengthening the cardiovascular system
Body weight reduction
Professional ergonomics are ensured by a functional and molded seat and multi-position handles. These allow addressing the upper, middle or lower body part. In this way, you can set a training focus even more specifically on a specific body area or compensate for muscular weaknesses.
The new integrated magnetic brake ensures absolutely smooth training. You have rarely trained on a rowing machine so gentle on the joints and pleasant.
Experience cross-rowing with the INSPIRE by HAMMER CR2.1X, an evolution of classic rowing and let yourself be inspired by this modern, unique and particularly intense rowing experience.

mass 95 kg
Inertia 14 kg
drive system Belt / chain
braking system Permanent magnetic brake system
resistance adjustment 12-way adjustable force resistance
Load spectrum 12 steps
load regulation Speed ​​Independent
Number of fitness programs 6
Number of training programs 6
Type of display LCD display
permanent display 6
pulse type chest strap
Integrated pulse receiver for chest straps Yes
Pulse-controlled training programs No
Pulse upper limit / lower limit adjustable No
Max. Permissible body weight 150 kg
Installation dimension (L x W x H) 172 x 82 x 115 cm
Footboard distance 10 centimeters
Integrated transport wheels Yes
power supply battery
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