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  • Olympic Hex Trap Bar 2.1m Olympic Hex Trap Bar 2.1m

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Olympic Hex Trap Bar 2.1m

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Olympic Hex Trap Bar 2.1m

Olympic Hex Trap Bar 2.1m. Also called a "Trap Bar". Suitable for shrugs and deadlifts etc. This is a really well built bar, it weighs over 35kg and the exercises that can be implemented are not only ideal for power lifters, strongmen and bodybuilders but great for runners, walkers, golfers, gaa players and so many more due to its easy use and the amount of muscles that will gain benefit.

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Olympic Hex Trap Bar 2.1m

Olympic Hex Trap Bar 2.1m, Heavy duty 2.1m Olympic shrug bar. Also called a "Trap Bar". Suitable for shrugs and deadlifts and safe squats and Farmers Walks etc.

Of all the bizarre looking pieces of equipment that inhabit the weight-room floor, none draw as many confused looks from new clients as the trap bar. The sometimes hexagonal, sometimes diamond-shaped bar has been described as a cross between a car chassis and a tenth-grade geometry problem.

But despite the awkward appearance, the trap bar (also known as a Hex Bar) might just be the greatest innovation in strength-training equipment in the last thirty years.

To setup for the trap bar deadlift, first step inside the perimeter of the bar, making sure your feet are positioned equidistant between the front and back of the bar.


Grip the handles tightly on either side so that your middle finger is in horizontal alignment with the front of your shin while rotating the insides of your elbows forward. This will help to pick up any slack at the shoulder capsule.

Squat your hips down with an arch in your back.

Once in position, stand up by driving your feet into the ground, straightening your legs, and thrusting your hips forward. As you approach the top of the movement, squeeze your glutes together and brace your abdominals to finish the movement.
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