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  • PFS Cotten Lifting Straps PFS Cotten Lifting Straps



PFS Cotten Figure 8 Lifting Straps

PFS Cotten Lifting Straps

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Useful Info:

Lifting Straps are a great piece of equipment that you should carry in your gym bag when lifting heavy.
Useful for saving your grip if carrying out high reps.
These straps have an extra support to help avoid skin tears etc to deliver safe training to hold on longer.

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Straps are used in order to aid your grip so that you can hold onto heavier weight without it slipping out of your hands. To tell the truth, this is the only piece of lifting equipment that I find you really need in the gym when getting started out with the plan to build muscle or tone up. You use straps for exercises such as stiff-legged deadlifts, shrugs, regular deadlifts and bent-over rows.
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